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Smart lighting market provides safety and convenience

April 23, 2021   By Manal Amir
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Smart lighting has the ability to be able to provide a fine-tuned control of every aspect of lighting experience, users have the ability to take control of the colour and brightness of lights and can be controlled through apps available on your devices which are designed for user convenience.

“There are no longer any aesthetic limitations either, allowing you to buy exactly the shape and style of product that fits your design needs,” said Gabriel Charron, a social media specialist for Globe Electric.

Globe Electric offers a wide range of smart devices appliances that are set at a reasonable price. Globe Electric was founded more than 80 years ago by Jack Weinstein. The company is known for its innovative lighting and electrical products.

“Smart is superior in terms of sustainability, all our smart lighting products rely on LED technology, which is far more energy efficient than traditional incandescent, halogen fluorescent lights,” Charron and Globe Smart Team said.


With over 1000 smart products provided by Globe Electric, users can build a comprehensive smart eco-system and smart products use Wi-Fi technology that work together seamlessly that can be beneficial for their needs and smart home.

Globe Smart Team discusses health & wellness

“A smart light that comes with both Tunable White and RGB Colour Control, users can control the colour, colour temperature, brightness, and variety of automation features all from your smartphone using the Globe Suite™ App,” Charron and Globe Smart Team said.

Smart bulbs such as this are easy to use and set up, they can also be controlled using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa with just the sound of your voice.The lighting can be dimmable and tunable from a warm white 2000 kelvin to a bright white 5000 kelvin

“You can personalize your lighting to your daily routines, tasks, mood and users can have the ideal brightness and colour temperature that can follow the body’s natural circadian rhythm,” Charoon and Globe Smart Team said.

Users will be able to wake up refreshed and have increased energy levels throughout the day. In fact having proper task lighting can help alleviate problems such as headaches and eye strain. Globe provides smart LED integrated lamps and lighting fixtures.

“RGB colour changing capabilities, allows light colours that can affect your mood and productivity levels, certain studies have shown that blue can increase creativity,” Charron and Globe Smart Team said.

Smart lighting can help both families and individuals that want to lead a happier, safer, and more convenient lives.

Globe Smart Team discusses safety

The setting of vacation mode allows the users to have lights scheduled to be turned on and off at any given time.

“Smart lighting with devices such as smart cameras and sensors, lights can be set to turn on automatically when those devices are triggered,” Charron and Globe Smart Team said.

Users that are away from home can rely on knowing that they can provide an impression of someone being at home.

Globe Smart Team discusses convenience

The lights can be set to match daily routine which helps make life simpler and can be paired with popular voice assistants such as Hey Google, Amazon Alexa, Siri providing hands free control.

“Home automation provides features such as timers, schedules, and auto on/off routines are great for people who want a simple set and forget solution,” Charron and Globe Smart Team said.

These features are beneficial for users, lighting can be controlled through just a single app. Light cues can be set to provide helpful reminders and notifications.

“You can set your lights to turn on at a specific time, with a specific colour to remind you that your workday is done,” Charron and Globe Smart Team said.

Globe Smart Team discusses energy efficiency

With automation features like timers and schedules, ensures users that lights can be used only when it is needed and can be controlled from anywhere.

“Smart products can help save energy costs, since it uses LED technology the products already consume much less energy,” Charron and Globe Smart Team said.

Users will find benefits using Globe Electric appliances, whether it is the app functionality and the products can be set right out of the box, these devices will work together seamlessly to make the perfect smart home.

Along with safety, smart lighting and LED lights also provide convenience, that are energy efficient and have many health and well-being benefits. Smart lighting products that you invest in now will make your life easier and improve your quality-of-life performance in daily tasks and activities.


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