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How to prepare your smart garden

April 23, 2021   By Manal Amir
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As we start to transition from the winter months to the beautiful time of spring which is awaiting just around the corner. Time spent in nature will always uplift our mood, and make us feel at home.

This spring is the perfect time to step out the door, to experience that warm ray of sunshine, to hear the chirping of birds and find joy gardening. This smart spring gardening appliances list is designed to make your life comfortable and motivate your gardening journey.

After all, gardening is supposed to provide you physical and mental therapeutic benefits. The smart appliances will provide a helping hand and keep your backyard connected to home.

Get ready to turn your garden dreams into a reality this spring. These smart appliances will become your best friend this season and keep your garden flourishing all season long.



Witnessing the green grass and looking at nature makes us feel relaxed and watering the lawn can be therapeutic. Lawns and gardens need help, but sometimes it isn’t possible to spend hours with a garden hose and watering. And so, it is best to invest in a smart sprinkler. The smart sprinkler controller listed is designed for user convenience and to keep your garden and lawn healthy

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

With the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, it offers impressive features and it is easy to install. It offers water savings and remote watering, that allows users to customize the watering schedule. Rachio is very easy to install and after the installation period, users have to connect the Rachio app with a Wi-Fi network. Then you have to set up your sprinkler zones, users can choose between two models, one supports up to 8 sprinkler zones and another one supports 16 sprinkler zones.

Rachio installation can offer water saving, in fact the automated water system can reduce the water bill by 50 percent. Users can record information regarding soil, grass and slope of the land and that detects the amount of water that it will need.

Another useful feature that Rachio provides is the premium weather intelligence that uses the home address to detect the weather accurately, which is aggregated from over 300,000 weather stations. The weather intelligence is designed accurately and enables automatically to skip a session if it rains. Under poor weather conditions, it will leave you notified on the skipped session.

It is known as “set it and forget it,” because you don’t have to manually set a rain delay, the system is designed to take care of your yard, but if needed it can be controlled manually through a smartphone app.

The app is compatible with IOS and Android devices, and the web app is available on browsers. It works with Amazon Alexa – users can use voice commands to water. Also, works with Apple HomeKit +, Google Assistant, Nest, IFTTT, Wink, Control4 and Nexia and more.


Owning a smart weather station that provides per minute weather accuracy and can be connected to your smartphone device will make your life easier.

Whether you want to garden as a family or by yourself, the weather station is there to provide users accurate information a lot faster and this way you can be organized and plan your day ahead.

Netatmo Weather Station

The Netatmo Weather Station will help you be prepared to spend hours gardening and enjoying the warmer days ahead this season. Incorporating a weather station that works highly effective and future ready is designed to keep your days prepared.

Netatmo has two modules for both indoor and outdoor conditions. Majority of the time spent is indoors, yet that is the air that is polluted. This spring when you step outside for fresh air, make sure your indoor environment remains fresh and healthier. The indoor module measures your indoor comfort by providing data through sensors, alerts and informs the users when they need to reduce the pollution levels.Its sensors indoor temperature, humidity level, air quality, ventilation warning and even sound meter that can sensor and measure noise levels.

The Weather Station App allows you to view your indoor and outdoor weather data. Natatmo provides updated weather conditions which is for per-minute, you can also get weather updates when you’re away from home, or across the world. The app observes cycles and in a graph, form provides real-time tracking of your environment. Users can analyze the past, observe the present and forecast future weather. Users can also supplement it with wind and rain gauges.

Netatmo Weather Station is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Siri. It also works with IFTTT, and that compatibility allows features like getting an email if temperature drops below zero, or changing the colour of Philips Hue light bulbs if carbon dioxide levels rise too high.

The features are designed to keep your indoor and outdoor connected and bring that fresh air of spring in our indoor environments.


Imagine waking up and looking out the window to witness a neat- looking and gorgeous lawn. Especially with all that gardening you will be doing, it is important to be able to spend time outside at any given moment to witness and intake a therapeutic experience. It will be beneficial towards physical and mental health.

It isn’t always possible to spend hours of your time mowing your lawn, in fact it can quickly become a tedious task and can quickly result in a dreadful experience. This spring is all about investing your time and energy into self-care.

Worx WR140

Are you ready to let a robotic friend take care of your lawn? If so, invest in getting the Worx WR140. It is designed for your convenience, to save you time and effort so that users like you won’t have to spend time mowing their lawn.

The Worx 140 model can handle small spaces and are fully automated lawn mowers that can cut up to ¼ acre all by itself. All you have to do lay the wire down and measure the lawn before letting this bright orange mower take care of your lawn.

Worx is designed to function, follow your desired and customized schedule. Based on the information users provide regarding the lawn, users can use smartphone apps for full control of the robot mower.Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40 v tools, users can do this all with the same battery. Worx WR 140 will return to the station when it needs to be recharged, and it takes 90 minutes for the battery to charge.

Worx also includes a Find My Landroid GPS so users can track the lawn mower. Users can also set a unique pin code that can also prevent anyone from stealing the device. Worx Landroid WR 140 will allow users to track where the device is at all times. It also includes a rain sensor that will return to the station and when the weather gets better, it will resume according to its programmed schedule.The weatherproof design will keep Worx safe from water damage.

The Landroid comes with a lot of safety features, for instance this device can detect if they encounter a person, animal or a garden furniture. This allows anyone to garden safely and the mower will backup and avoid any obstacle.

All in all, Worx Landroid WR140 is an outstanding smart mower that will make your lawn neat and offers high-end features and technology. Especially if this is your first time making a smart lawn mower purchase, this is the device to purchase. Due to many features, this is a well-designed appliance that will be an amazing robot friend to have for service in future.


When it comes to gardening, one of the most important things used often is soil that would need to be prepared for planting by using garden soil. However, most importantly a healthy soil is the foundation and necessary so that trees and other plants are allowed to thrive. There are many benefits of soil and it is an important natural resource, and it can be renewed. The lawn in our backyard that might be seen as a dirt patch can most definitely become healthy soil.

This spring when you decide to garden, know that there is a whole world under your feet, that is the foundation you need for a beautiful garden this year. If you’re looking to understand your soil type and texture then invest in a smart soil moisture sensor for your garden.

Photo courtesy: Ecowitt

To maintain a garden and keep your plants healthy this spring, invest in Ecowitt WH15 Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor. This device measures soil moisture within just 72 seconds and the data can be viewed on the WS View App, it takes care of making data available and provides high accuracy. The soil moisture can be streamed by GW1000Wi-Fi Gateway (which is sold separately). After it is connected, it can show live soil moisture data and can be viewed through a mobile application, users can keep track of gardening journey and progress.

Users can monitor up to eight sensors at a time and this device is suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes. This is perfect for any potted plants, lawn and garden. Users can set up an alert system that will detect and inform when the actual soil moisture value is less. Users will be able to detect and view soil moisture data graphics and download the history of records from the website.

Users can directly purchase the Ecowitt WH15 soil moisture sensor and humidity tester for gardening directly from the Ecowitt site.


If you enjoy the idea of having a garden and want to grow food at home, then this spring is the perfect time to invest in smart indoor garden appliances that are designed to take care of your plants. The appliances make it easy to witness the therapeutic benefits that growing plants provide.

The Click And Grow Indoor Smart Garden

The Click And Grow Indoor Smart Garden is perfect if you are looking to grow a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, users can now witness a growing indoor garden that will flourish all year around.

One of the popular plant pods is the lavender and lavender is known to provide many benefits one of which is helping with mental health, sleep and memory. There are over 60 pre-seeded plant pods to choose from for the herb garden, such as cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, peppermint and provides many mixes of plants and herbs. The energy efficient LED light helps with the growth of plants, and ensures that plants will thrive all year.

This smart indoor makes it possible for plants to grow 365 days a year and all users have to do is insert the plant capsules, fill the water tank and step back to feel excitement, happiness and joy to witness the flourishing journey to your indoor garden. Be ready to harvest and watch your indoor garden flourish. Users can watch the process through the companion app, and this appliance provides the perfect amount of light and nutrients, oxygen and automatic watering. This appliance will make a perfect addition to the home this spring.

Spring is all about renewal and this spring is the perfect time to dive into creating your gardening journey that will provide you with long lasting memories. The smart appliances will make indoor and outdoor garden experience convenient and connectivity can help provide the sense of feeling secure, because you will know when to take care of your plants.

Spend some time gardening this spring and with the help of these appliances, you will feel accomplished, excited and appreciative of all that gardening has to offer.


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