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Smart garden

April 23, 2021   By Manal Amir
Outdoor Gadgets Products ēdn small garden

The ēdn small garden is the perfect addition for creating an indoor garden, and provides users with an access to having a smart sustainable way to see the growth of herbs, greens, and flowers within their home environment and all year around. This appliance is beautifully designed with a real walnut wood and anodized aluminum, this will look beautiful and is perfect for filling up a space. There is a high chance that users will wake up everyday and look forward to appreciating and finding comfort gardening indoor plants. ēdn Tech smart garden can be controlled from anywhere with the ēdn app, it will let users know when plants need water, care, and will provide multiple tips and advice on harvesting and planting seeds. This makes it beneficial for first-time gardeners and also encourages users to continue planting because this appliance works efficiently and quickly. Users can look forward to witnessing the growth of their plants and each SmallGarden is capable of growing 12 different plants. A built- in water tank provides plants with water on an automated schedule, making it effortlessly simple for users to witness the growth of a healthy garden. All users have to do is plant the seed and fill water trays and manage the journey through the app that allows users to control the garden’s lighting schedule, receive alerts and keep a track on the progress of the smart garden. The SmallGarden when purchased, contains and provides up to 10 basil SeedPods that users can grow at a time and are specifically designed to promote easy growing. The SmallGarden is an automated LED system that is designed to promote healthy development for plants and takes less energy which is needed especially since it is being used all year around.


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