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Allergy relief

March 12, 2021   By Chia-Chi Hsu
Health & Fitness Devices Products Flō Fluo Lab

Flō is a clinically proven device that can relieve the user who has seasonal or year-round allergies to pollen, dust, and more. After the FDA’s approval process, Fluo Lab will release Flō in late 2021. The user should hold Flō into their nostril first, undergo the light therapy for six seconds, and repeat on the other side. It suits people who cannot take medication under extenuating circumstances. For example, a woman who is pregnant, because it has no side effects, and it doesn’t require any pills to take in. Once nose cells are exposed to allergens, a chain reaction leads to the production of histamine and triggers allergy symptoms. Fluo Lab sets precise parameters, such as wavelength, fluence, power density, pulse structure and timing, to block the release of histamine because the light provides the cells with energy to limit the inflammatory response.


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