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March 12, 2021   By Chia-Chi Hsu
Health & Fitness Devices Products Oura Ring

The water-resistant Oura Ring tracks the wearer’s body temperature as small as 0.05 celsius, and helps monitor their impending illness 24/7. The free Oura app combines with the ring to record the wearer’s body temperature and to show them the sleep and recovery data in the daily and trend view each morning. Oura Ring is equipped with three sensors to measure the wearer’s body signals, including heart rate, variability, respiratory rate, body temperature, and movement. Compared to other body temperature detectors, it provides a personal baseline and shows them how much higher or lower their current temperature is than the baseline, for example, -0.4 F. Oura ring delivers personalized insights on the app and scores the wearer’s overall health across Sleep, Activity, and Readiness measures. The scores it gives can tell them whether they had a poor sleep and whether they should rest more.


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