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Smart mask

March 12, 2021   By Chia-Chi Hsu
Health & Fitness Devices Products Active+ Smart Mask Airpop

Airpop introduces the Active+ Smart Mask with Halo Sensor becoming the world’s first smart Air Wearable. The Halo Sensor not only tracks the wearer’s breathing behaviour and breathing cycles, but also correlates the data with air quality and location in real time. The Halo sensor works with the Airpop app in sync to inform the wearer when to replace the mask’s filter, which can block more than 99.3 per cent PM0.3 particles. The Airpop app is available to Android and iOS users. For improved breathability and comfort, the Active+ Smart Mask uses the 3D dome structure to fit the wearer’s face. The smart mask also features washable, 360-degree sealing, medical-grade soft touch membrane.


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