Canadian Smart Homes releases StartCARE App

February 10, 2021   Alanna Fairey
News has made publicly available an updated app that diagnoses home network issues. The app, called StartCARE, scans a customer’s network for problems, then provides step-by-step instructions for suggested fixes.

StartCARE is powered by RouteThis, a software company located in Kitchener, Ontario that specializes in automated and self-serve platforms for ISPs and smart home companies. The StartCARE app was initially developed as an internal resource but was quickly identified as a useful tool that should be accessible to customers. A series of application updates were completed throughout 2020 to align with customer feedback and ensure the functionality met their needs.

The updated and now publicly accessible StartCARE app enables internet users to efficiently and independently run diagnostics and troubleshooting protocols in real-time for any challenges they’re experiencing with their internet. The app also educates users about common causes of connectivity issues, such as device placement, outdated hardware, and connection strains. Canadians are working and learning from home at levels never before experienced. Pandemic-related restrictions have prompted increased use of residential internet services, which has had an impact on ISP organizations across the country.

The updated StartCARE app has been designed to help relieve the higher wait times customers have experienced in recent months. By rolling out an app that will meet customer needs, call wait times can be decreased, resources can be made more readily available for those who need to call in, and the overall experience for every customer can be made better.


“We care about our customers’ needs, especially during a time that has been challenging for so many. We have listened to feedback and is committed to finding innovative solutions to support those who depend on our services,” said Al Uniac, Customer Experience Director at “The app takes our offering a step further by enabling our customers to get support instantly without needing to call in or wait for an available representative.”


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