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Five ways to elevate your bathroom space

March 8, 2021   By Manal Amir

Kohler debuts several new smart home innovations for the kitchen and bathroom spaces at CES 2021.

Amidst the business of our everyday lives, bathrooms become a place to unwind and relax at the end of a long day.

Bathrooms can become a place of private sanctuary, a place to escape, recharge and rest — the first place you enter in the morning, and the last place you see at night. That connectivity and emotions we feel in solitude in the bathroom becomes an essential part of the day. From planning that space, thinking of incorporating smart devices might seem overwhelming.

But, not to worry — these five smart bathroom technology appliances are ready to elevate your bathroom experience. The place will become a new refreshing place you look forward to coming home to.


Imagine getting that extra minute of sleep instead of scrolling through your phone in the morning. With a smart mirror, users can go straight to the bathroom, get ready and get updated with anything and everything.


Many countries around the world have created smart mirrors, and are now shipping worldwide. Germany-based Mues- Tec created an innovative smart mirror which would be the perfect addition to any bathroom. The regular looking mirror is fully touch screen and voice controlled with built-in loudspeakers, you can listen to music, watch videos, or listen to the radio. There is also a built-in-camera and has a manual on/off switch, so that this mirror is hacker safe.

The smart mirror uses an android operating system, the built-in smart home control system can allow you to keep yourself connected to the rest of the home such as looking at surveillance cameras, controlling lights etc. This mirror can be connected to Bluetooth.

One of the more outstanding features of the mirrior is a skin tester, which can be connected through Bluetooth. The small device has the capability to measure the skin moisture and provides information of whether it is in normal range or not.

Home owners can access information such as time, weather forecast and calendar, as well as ask google directly through the voice control feature. It is connectable to Wi-Fi and the integrated motion sensor goes into stable mode and turns on when motion is detected.

If you share a washroom, users are able to create multiple accounts and customize it through a personal password.


A shower brings a warmth of relaxation and coziness, and it plays a key role in helping one recenter, meditate and helps with mood elevating. However, while many take a shower once a day or multiple times a day, homeowners often neglect their showerheads.

The Kohler DTV+ shower system is a unique shower option because of the diverse features that are available. The DTV + shower system allows control over four elements: water, lights, music and steam. It provides components that provide a spa-like experience, rainheads, body sprays, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy.

With its configurable settings, users have the ability to voice-enable control of the showering system and can control one or two values with two different shower temperatures.

Once users find a certain setting that they like, they can keep it in the favourites settings. The programmed temperature will provide the hydrotherapy you desire. As for steam, there is an option of system warm-up and pause feature, as well as duration/cooldown timer, with just your voice you can demand for the warm or cool system.

Kohler’s largest 3/4 hi-flow valve runs at 13.0 gpm. Users have the ability to have three interfaces connected to each system and the product features over 14 different language options. For music lovers, with just one touch users can stream their favourite music, all through Bluetooth enabler.

For accessibility, it is easy to connect to the Kohler Cloud via Wi-Fi. Home owners can enable the Kohler Konnect app to control the DTV+ showering system/experience. This product also enables use of voice commands for DTV+, it is compatible with Alexa or Google Home.

You do need several components for this product, such as the system controller module, DTV+ interface, valve and data cable, lastly interface mounting bracket, and there are other optional accessories.


Individuals prefer toilets that can be well functioning and convenient to use. The brand TOTO has become a popular option in the market. The TOTO UltraMax II uses a powerful flushing system that does not make noise, an ideal solution for indoor bathrooms.

The item weight is about 99 pounds and the material used is Vitreous China and the material finish is polished. This toilet is shaped like a chair, and so the bowl height is of a chair height and has an elongated front bowl. Cefiontect feature makes sure that no waste clings and the tornado flush does a 360°, the cleaning power makes sure to reach every spot using less water.

It comes with a compatible washlet. The washing features includes a flow rate, for front washing it is around 9.8- 14.5 oz/min, for rear washing it is around 9.1- 14.5 oz/min and for soft rear it is around 9.1- 14.5 oz/min. The minimum spray temperature is 95°F/35°C and maximum is 104°F/ 40°C.

4) UV Sterilizer

Taking care of dental hygiene all happens in the bathroom, and UV sanitizer is a device that uses ultraviolet- UV light to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and mold. Toothbrushes that we use often throughout the day can uphold microorganisms and our brushes do require proper sanitization.

The Philips Sonicare UV Sanitizer claims to kill 99% of bacteria all the way to the bristles of our brushes. It cleans the brushes without chemicals and can sanitize two brush heads. The UV sanitizer turns itself off after the set timer for a clean cycle which is 10 minutes. The power voltage being used is 110-220 V.

Another product that assists in cleaning toothbrushes is the AiExpectoX brand, which also claims to kill 99.9% bacteria and germs in toothbrushes. The product also cleans the handles. The UV light sanitizer — if used daily — will reduce bad breath and the gum disease- gingivitis. The UV light will turn on for six minutes and has a 1500mAh battery. It also works as a UVC wand for objects like phones, masks and works as a sanitizer for more. Users can install it on flat and smooth walls and mirrors and they are ready for a fresh and clean start and end to the day.


If your goal this year is to make a lifestyle change, then consider investing in the FitTrack Dara, a smart scake. It uses 17 unique health measurements to tell you what your weight is made up of, and keeps track of the data that is stored.

The 17 measurements consist of weight, BMI, visceral fat, muscle fat, hydration level, bone mass, BMR, body fat percentage, protein percentage, body age, body fat, weight control, standard weight, weight without fat, muscle weight, protein amount and obesity degree.

The detailed information will provide a visual graph and also a full understanding of how long it will take to reach your desired progress. This way that motivation won’t be lost because you know that the end result will happen, because you will be able to track daily, weekly and monitor the progress. The app syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit and other compatible apps.

A smart bathroom makes your life at home more comfortable, convenient, and secure, but adding smart technology adds additional convenience and accessibility that is both easy (and fun!) to use.


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