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Smart rope

March 12, 2021   By Chia-Chi Hsu
Health & Fitness Devices Products Tangram Smart Rope LED

Similar to watching films or animated movies, Tangram Smart Rope LED is able to show jumpers how many times the rope rotates them mid-air. Tangram also announced that the LED lights in the future will present more fitness workout information, for example, calories burned and more.The sensors in the handles can track down 360-degree revolution to accurately show the user their jumps. Once the Smart Rope pairs up with their app Smart Gym, their jumps will be displayed on their phone. Based on the skill level, the user can choose the interval training courses on the app to reach their fitness goals. Especially during pandemic, the convenience of the app shows. The app allows the users to invite their friends on Facebook or other users who also have the Smart Rope and to compete with them.


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