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A19 smart bulb

August 18, 2020   By Smart Homes Staff
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Useful to everyone, smart bulbs are the perfect entry into home automation. Globe Electric’s A19 smart bulb comes with various features to tailor the lights to everyday routines. Paired with the free Globe Suite app, you can choose between vibrant colors, vivid whites, and enjoy increased control of your home’s lighting.

With light range of Sunset Glow (2000 K) to Daylight (5000 K), the tunable white feature allows you to select the colour temperature of your choice. Having the right lighting helps to reduce eye strain and discomfort and plays a significant role in maintaining a proper circadian balance. The ability to mimic the sun often results in increased energy and productivity throughout the day and a healthier, more natural sleep at night. With full spectrum RGB colour, easily select from a wide range of colours to change the lighting and set the mood. Perfect for date nights, parties, sports games, or just relaxing at home.

Make use of the advanced automation features in the app:

Set Schedules and Timers so lights turn on and off automatically; Use Vacation to make it seem like you’re home even when you’re not; Set Wake Up and Bed Time to promote a healthier, more natural sleep.


Turn lights on and off or instantly adjust the color and brightness of any smart bulb on a smartphone or through voice control using Hey Google, Amazon Alexa, or Siri.


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